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There are several reasons why patients travel abroad to countries like India for advanced treatments or surgeries.
Here are a few top reasons.
  • Search for better quality of care
  • Lack of expertise, advanced technology and infrastructure in home country
  • Longer waiting time for elective surgeries in home country
  • Non-availability of a particular treatment or surgery in home country
  • High cost of private medical care in home country

Among patients traveling to India for advanced treatments or surgeries the popular specialties are,
  • Orthopedics (Bone and Joint)
  • Neurosurgery (Brain and Spine)
  • Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
  • Oncology (Cancer Treatment)
  • Minimal Access General Surgery

Traveling to a foreign country for an advanced treatment or surgery is a major decision. And to make an informed decision, patients need need answers to several questions like,
  • Is my diagnosis right ? Do I really need surgery ?
  • Are there any other treatment options ?
  • Who are the specialists to consult ? How to choose the right one?
  • Which hospital should I go to ? How can I reach them ?
  • Do I have to wait for a long time? Who will look after my appointments?
  • What about the follow-up care once I return back home?
  • What does the cost of surgery or treatment truly include or exclude?

Not finding the right answers to such questions is one of the major challenges of such patients.

The Hinfoways team has an experience of personally interacting with over 15000 patients from different countries. Further, they have worked with leading healthcare organizations of India. No wonder they have a deep understanding of the healthcare market and patients’ expectations and pain points. This helps us to,
  • Assist you in choosing the right doctor or hospital
  • Assist you with prompt appointments andhospitalization
  • Help you get cost estimates from differenthospitals
  • Guide you in making the right choices and savecosts

No, you don’t have to pay any fees to Hinfoways. You have to directly pay to the service providers like airlines, hotels, hospitals, etc. for the services they provide. As far as treatment cost is concerned, you need to pay it directly to the hospital at the time of admission. For every payment you make at the hospital, you will get a payment receipt.

You will get expert help 24 x 7. Here are a few ways you can reach Hinfoways.
  • +91 9611 544 323
  • +91 9611 544 323
  • Email: