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Send employees to India for healthcare

Cost Savings . Quality Care . Ground Support

Healthcare costs have skyrocketed and it is affecting the organizations that cover healthcare costs of their employees. Further, in some countries such organizations find it challenging to find healthcare facilities that offer quality healthcare services. Unsurprisingly, they send their employees abroad for healthcare. And one of their favorite healthcare destinations is India. In the process they will not only save costs but also help their employees avail world-class healthcare without any waiting time whatsoever.

The challenges

So, what are the challenges that you may face while sending your employees to India for healthcare? Here are a few top ones.

  • Finding the right hospital and doctors in India and entering into various agreements can be a bit time consuming and tedious process.
  • Your employees and their attendants may not find the much needed ground assistance when they are in India.
  • Lack of single point of contact that can provide daily updates of your patients admitted at different hospitals in India.
  • Getting a proper understanding of the appointments, progress, hospital bills and medical reports.
  • Getting the most competitive cost estimates and clearly understanding all the necessary inclusions and exclusions.
The solution

Entering into a tie-up with Hinfoways will help you overcome these challenges. Here is how.

  • Right from getting initial medical opinion and cost estimates, arranging for telephone calls or video calls with the doctors to getting daily updates, you can just call one number or contact one person.
  • Our patient care representatives will be available at all times so that you need not think when to call us for any help. Even when your employees are in India for treatment, they can call us directly if they need any help or information.
  • We can also bring some of the top doctors from our network hospitals in India and organize medical camps and/or awareness programs for your employees. Your employees can see and personally talk to the doctors and get consultation and information.
  • Your organization and its employees will get complete guidance at every step of medical travel. Right from choosing the right doctor to saving costs, information and guidance would be provided at every step.
  • We will check all the hospital bills/invoices and carefully compile all reports and invoices before sending them to the designated people in your organization. We will always be available for any clarification or relevant information if needed.
  • We will ensure that your employees and their attendants have all the documentation ready before departing from India so that they have a smooth journey back home.
  • For follow-up care, we help to coordinate ongoing communication with the hospital/doctor after your employee is discharged from the hospital. We help the him/her to remain in touch with their doctors after they return home. This is normally done through telephonic conversation or video call or email.

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